Childlike – Baby Steps

Pic from Flickr by Feathers Flights

I remember when my son first started walking. He would stumble a little and fall but then he would pick himself up and start all over again. He was determined that falling was not going to keep him from walking. Now he is running, climbing and having a blast.

At first when a child starts to walk, it looks like as they take a few steps that he is going to make good progress and then he falls. The idea is to help him understand just because he fell does not mean that he needs to stay on the ground. He gets back up and begins to put one foot in front of the other until he begins to get the hang of walking.

In the church, we have a habit of expecting too much of new “baby” Christians. If we do not completely abandon them at the altar, we expect them to be fully mature upon the point of salvation.

This should not be! My son cannot put on his own shoes let alone run a six minute mile. Since we do not expect a child to walk or run like an adult, why do we try to do that to new Christians?

When God draws a person to salvation, they are regenerated – made new. Now it is the church’s job to come along side them and disciple them….yep Jesus mentioned that in Matthew 28. It is part of what we call the Great Commission.

A new Christian is left hanging to fend for themselves if they do not have someone to show them how to live as Christ would have them to live. They are unfamiliar with dying to themselves, taking up their cross, being unashamed of the gospel, and other teachings of Jesus.

New Christians need a mentor. They need people that will do life with them. They need people to invite them into their homes and be hospitable.

Jesus expected the church to be disciples that made disciples that made disciples. You can’t make disciples if you are not one yourself.

Out of your love for the new Christian, train them, teach them, love them. Jesus would do that for us. Don’t leave them abandoned at the altar. When a new Christian gets the idea that no one wants to help them out and teach them about this new life in Christ, they don’t understand the need to change or why they should go to church…and that is a bad way to start the process of sanctification.