A Lifetime Love Affair

Pic from Flickr by annstheclaf

I love my wife. I am well aware that God has placed her in my life and because of that she has helped me become a better husband, daddy, and even a better man.

I enjoy her presence as we sit on the couch at night and read through books together. I love her honesty when she lifts prayers up to God. I love how she takes care of our son. This woman is my best friend.

The vows that I took with my wife are represented by the ring I wear. As the circle has no end, neither does the love I have for her.

She challenges me to become all that God has created me to be. I have learned that she will only submit to me to the degree that she knows I am submitted to Jesus.

Her eyes sparkle when she smiles. She is my best friend.

Opening her car door or sitting beside her in a restaurant never gets old. I am not much of a handyman or mechanic but I can cook and I try to serve her in that aspect.

It is funny how life helps you realize priorities and confirm things that you already knew. When I said I do, I really meant till death do us part.

I don’t deserve her. She has been there for me while I finished school, she has been there when I struggled with trying to understand where God was taking us. She has never left my side as we started the planting of FaithPoint Community Church 15 weeks ago. (By the way, she is an awesome pastor’s wife)

50 years from now…

She will still make me smile when she walks into the room. We will still sit beside each other on the couch reading books out loud. I will still look at her from the pulpit. I will still cook for her. She will still be my best friend. And…

I will still be holding her hand.