Blessings Can Come From Unlikely Places

A few days ago I was able to visit with a man who has cancer. His doctors have already subscribed to the mindset that his death is inevitable.

Pic from Flickr by newsongNY

Before the visit, I had previously talked with this man on the phone. It was encouraging to know that this man loves Jesus. Our phone conversations were short but I wanted to meet with him and read the Bible to him and pray for him.

So I made the hour trip to his house. The man was very hospitable and had one of the warmest greetings I have ever received.

When I pulled up to his house, he met me at the door. He invited me into his home and we went into his living room.

We talked about his day and his previous trips to the doctor. He showed me the numerous amounts of medication he has to take because he is a cancer patient. We talked about his doctors and his family. Most of all, we talked about Jesus.

I went to visit him hoping that I could be of some encouragement to him. I left encouraged.

I read to him 1 Peter 4:12-13, 19 and Philippians 1:21-24. He paused me on one the first section of verses so that he could go get his Bible and follow along. I continued reading. The best part of our conversation was that he knew without a shadow of doubt that this place is not his home and his home is with Jesus.

He knows that if God frees him of this cancer, he will be a walking, living testimony to the grace, majesty, and healing power of our Lord. He also knows that if God takes him home, he will immediately be in the presence of Jesus and there is no better place that he could possibly be.

Joy resonates from within this man’s spirit. You cannot help but know that this man knows Jesus. He understands that his trials and sufferings make him more conformed to the image of Jesus.

Because the man was tired, I made the visit short. He wanted me to stay a little longer and I would have but I told him to rest. I am praying for him and what seems like his endless series of tests. I know that God will work out all things for this man’s good and God’s glory.

He invited me back to his house. I told him it would be after his next series of tests. I told him to keep me posted.

Pray for Jerome. Pray for his family. Pray that God will use this circumstance to make His name great. I also ask you to pray that many people will be drawn to Christ because of this man’s life.