Four Hour Body – Update 3

Pic from Flickr by whologwhy

I have been reading and doing the recommended diet in the book  Four Hour Body for some time now. Since beginning this book, I have also watched two extremely interesting documentaries.

One was Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and the other one was Forks Over Knives. Being inspired by those films, I have now decided to tweak the Four Hour Body diet that I am currently doing.

I have set a timeline until December 31, 2011. From now until the end of the year this is my plan…

  • Establish a plant based diet by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my nutrition plan
  • Continue limiting dairy and dairy based products
  • Cut back but not do away with meat, especially pork, chicken, and beef.
The reason for this change is simple. I believe that by eating cleaner and healthier that I will meet my goal of being the size that I want to be and my doctor will take me off of blood pressure medicine.
I believe that nutrition has a profound effect on my body and can do more to keep me at optimum levels than any medicine ever could.
As a husband, father, and pastor, I want to be healthy so that I can pour my life into my wife, son, and church.
The schedule right now is that all three meals will incorporate some vegetables and/or fruit. Meat will be reduced to three days a week. Dairy products will only be used on cheat day. I am keeping cheat day but I value cheat day so I am not interested in packaged/processed foods on cheat day. I am reserving cheat day for mainly breakfast, desserts, burgers and fries, and pumpkin spice lattes.
I will have to update again around Thanksgiving. I am still working on how to navigate that day on my current eating plan.
If you have missed either of the other two updates, you can find those in the category labeled The Body Shop.
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