Letter To FaithPoint

Pic from Flickr by notizbuchblog

There are eight things that I would like to share with you today.  There is much going on in the life of FaithPoint Community Church. I am excited as I hope you are. Be sure to write down any dates on your calendar so you will not forget them.

Here we go…

  1. Our first e-newsletter will be available right after our launch. The newsletter should arrive in your inbox the first week of November. If you have not already done so please get your email address in to me. You can do this by emailing, messaging me on Facebook, tweeting me, or commenting on this blog.
  2. We do have church business cards available. Please take some and pass them out to your friends, family, and especially people that you know that are unchurched, de-churched, burned by the church, or not interested in church at all. Jesus loves all of these people and we do too.
  3. On October 29, we will have a family day in the park where we will grill hot dogs and give out bottled water and drinks for kids. The time will be announced as the event gets closer. We are inviting people from the surrounding communities to join us.
  4. On October 30, is…FaithPoint Community Church’s OFFICIAL LAUNCH DATE! Tell everyone. Bring people that you are sharing Jesus with. Bring the people you are praying for. Get the word out.
  5. On October 31, we are going to be given a space on Main Street in Byron. We will be passing out candy and treats for children and sharing with people about our church.
  6. Please be taking pictures. We are in the process of developing a church website. We need pictures of Bible studies, worship services, and fellowships. If you are an amateur or a professional….get your camera ready.
  7. We have the official design for the first FaithPoint Community Church t-shirt. The cost will be announced in the coming week. Please note that we will need your size and the number of shirts that you would like to purchase.
  8. Be in prayer for our church. As we continue to fight and strive for the vision that God has given us to accomplish, be aware that spiritual warfare is expected. The more our lives look like Christ and the more we seek to live out God’s will for our lives and church it is inevitable that we will run into opposition. However, God has already gone before us and fought this battle. We fight from a position of victory because Jesus Christ has snatched the keys of death and hell. Be strong. Be bold. Be confident. Fight the good fight. Go hard.
Cannot wait to hear what God is doing in your lives. See you this weekend.
Pastor Jimmy