Why You Should Be Present

This week is one of my favorite weeks of the entire year. This week the Catalyst conference takes place. This is not just your average, ordinary conference. If I could only choose one conference to attend, it would be Catalyst.

Catalyst is two days of drinking water from a fire hydrant. Every year Catalyst comes out guns blazing. There is so much to take in and learn that it takes a week to unpack it all. I am still learning how to apply what I have learned from the first three Catalyst conferences I attended.

Being that I am a lead pastor/church planter, I find Catalyst invaluable. I cannot put a price on what I take away from this awesome event.

If you have never been to Catalyst and you are a pastor/church planter/leader you have to go. You will experience pastors and leaders pouring into you from their struggles, experiences, and wisdom.

I love meeting people that attend Catalyst. They are eager to learn and ready to apply that newly acquired information to their context of community whether that is a small company, a larger organization, or a church.

Catalyst is full of resources for leaders. These too are invaluable.

The Catalyst website is www.catalystspace.com

Information on the Catalyst conference can be found at www.catalystconference.com

Catalyst has also teamed up with Leadership Journal to give us the Catalyst digizine. A digital magazine with articles and videos to inspire and encourage today’s leadership generation. You can find the link to that site through the Catalyst Space website.

Catalyst is on Facebook.

Catalyst is also on Twitter. You can follow them @CatalystLeader

Are you going? Hope to meet you at Catalyst.