Let’s just cut the crap and get right to the point. The church is great at making converts and horrible at making disciples.

Pic from Flickr by Xx.Broken_Girl17.xX

No where in the Bible are we called to make converts. We are called to make disciples. We are called to make disciplined, passionate, bold, confident, followers of Jesus.

For too long now it appears that the church has forgotten what it means to disciple its members. The church knows how to ministry. The church knows how to run programs and they do an adequate job of fund raising. The church has a pastor that knows how to share the gospel in a sermon. People are drawn to Jesus and they repent and are regenerated – made new. Then the ball stops rolling.

The fact that a new Christian has come into the Kingdom is highly celebrated. The problem is the new Christian is usually left at the altar abandoned.

No one comes alongside and empties their cup into the life of this new Christian. No one invites the new Christian into their life and home. The new Christian does not see what it looks like to follow Christ in their everyday life because they are not discipled.

It is highly possible that the new Christian left undiscipled will stay in the church and live a detached life. Sunday will never translate to Monday – Saturday. This Christian, undiscipled, may eventually teach small groups and/or possibly be in some area of leadership. At this point, you will have an undiscipled Christian leading people that are not discipled.

There is a myth in churches that needs to stop. Just because a person has been in church a long time and is old in age does not make them spiritually mature. You can be in the church for 50 years and left without anyone to disciple you, remain a toddler Christian.

There are many Christians that have been left at the altar. They don’t completely understand many facets of discipleship or Christianity for that matter. They do not need to be left to fend for themselves. They need a mentor/friend/teacher to disciple them. They need to be rescued and taught how Christ resonates in our everyday lives. They need to see what it looks like for real disciples to raise their children. They need to see what it looks like for a real man to really love his wife.

When the church has more disciples, a cycle will begin. Disciples will make disciples that make disciples. Silly arguments will begin to disappear. Churches will begin to think more on how they can share the gospel and less about the color of the carpet or the style of music.

Empty your cup into the life of someone that needs to be discipled. Pour into them. Let them into your life. Let them see Jesus in your everyday life.

There is no step by step plan for this. The only way to do it is to do it.

If you have never discipled a person before, now would be a great time to start.