Letter To FaithPoint

This week is going to be very serious in terms of events that we have that are going to lead up to next Sunday and the sharing of the gospel. As you go about your week, there are a few things that I would like you to do…

  1. Pray for all our events going on this week. Pray that God will lead us to the people that need to hear the radical life-changing message of the gospel.
  2. Prepare yourself. Be ready to serve and ask the Holy Spirit to speak through you as you engage people in conversation at one of our events.
  3. Study. In your devotion times with God this week, ask God to speak through His Word and use it to encourage, teach, inspire, rebuke, purge, wreck, transform, convict…whatever He needs to do to conform you more to the image of Jesus.
  4. Tell your dechurched and unchurched friends and family members about our events this week and invite them to checkout FaithPoint on Twitter and Facebook. On our Facebook page, they will be able to see our Wednesday night services from Livestream and see what else is going on through our church.
We plan these events and pray over them asking God to do what only He can do and that is draw people to Himself. We are praying that God uses these events to bring many people to salvation.
It will be our privilege to come alongside these people and show them how Jesus wants us to be passionate followers of His.
Whenever God prompts you this week, whether it is on your lunch break or during your morning cup of coffee, be relentless in praying that God will be both honored and glorified by what our church is doing this week.
We refuse to be a church that is about the pastor’s glory. We refuse to be a church that is about the church’s glory. We want to always be a church that is about God’s glory and only His glory.