Letter To FaithPoint

Do not be discouraged.

Last Saturday was our Party In The Park. While we had a low turnout due to the cold weather or whatever reason…a fun time was still had by all.

It is easy to be discouraged and call this event a failure. I do not believe it was a failure at all. I believe that the only way our communities are going to know about us is for us to get our church name into the community. We accomplished that.

We need to focus on what is coming up for FaithPoint Community Church. There are things going that God has already been putting together.

  1. We are sending Pastor James to Africa. Pray about this. Give to his mission trip. Blast it on Twitter and Facebook. The cost of his trip is $3000. I believe that God wants to send him but we have to do the work to get him there. LET’S DO THE WORK!
  2. Your pastor is currently involved in a monthly meeting with 11 other pastors. We are praying, and through these meetings and discussions and accountability, we believe that God is going to do a work in this group of pastors. We believe that as we grow as pastors, the flock will also grow. A revival will break out and our state will be overflowing with people on fire to spread the gospel message.
  3. God is not finished with you. God is doing work in us to prepare us for the work that he has prepared for us. God has things that he wants us to accomplish but we must be ready for that when the time comes. We must be consistent in our sanctification process. We must study the Word. We must be in communion with our Heavenly Father and with each other.
  4. Jesus is Enough. There is nothing in your life more precious than Jesus. There is nothing in your life that you should ever let take the place of Jesus. Jesus shed his precious blood on the cross to save you from a Godless hell. Why if you are chosen to be part of his flock would you ever want to run from your shepherd? Jesus is your everything. He is your healer and deliverer. He is your redeemer and sustainer. He will carry you through trials and walk with you in both your happiest and darkest of times. He is your King, your Lord and your Friend.
It is perfectly OK at this point to shout Amen!
I love you FaithPoint.
Pastor Jimmy