Notes from Dave Ramsey

Leadership Matters.

Be Present. Be Engaged. Be Aware. Let the person you are talking to at the moment be the most important person in the room. Even more important than your cell phone call.

Bring it. Be on your game. Be the best that you can be. Don’t cave when it gets tough.

People matter – Be intentionally relational. Your opportunities come through people.

An incredible team that demands excellence matters. Be strict in hiring. Pray for God to send you the right people.

Slow and steady matters. God will grow us and fund us. We are not to outgrow our resources.

Financial planning in ministry matters.

Always be generous.

Work is an act of worship.

Be weird. Don’t be normal. Don’t be status quo. Don’t be routine. Don’t be average.

A higher calling matters – you always represent Jesus.

Tell the truth. Be on time. Stay later.

These lessons and principles can be applied to both church and non-church organizations.