Notes For FaithPoint

The original title of this sermon is A Divine Appointment.

Our text come from Acts 8:26-40.


vs. 26. Note that God leads Philip to a desert place. The middle of nowhere. Where Philip is there is no cell phone signal, Starbucks, mall, gas station. There is nothing.

God does not give Philip an explanation for why He is sending Philip to the desert. Philip was obedient and followed God’s call to go to the desert.

This was not punishment – It was not because of anything Philip did that he was in the desert. God led him there.

Most Christians would kick and scream and act like a two-year old. They don’t think that they deserve to be in the desert.

v27-28 Philip did not just “happen” to be in the desert at the same time as this very important eunuch. God wanted him there. This eunuch’s office and character commanded respect. He held great authority and was so trusted that he was in charge of all the queen’s personal treasure. He was most likely a convert to Judaism since he had just worshiped in Jerusalem.

v29 God knew that the Ethiopian official (God is Sovereign and knows all things) would be on that road on that day at that specific time. God also knew that he would be reading from Isaiah 53. So, God in His sovereignty orchestrated that Philip would be in the desert to meet this Ethiopian official. The Holy Spirit told Philip to join the chariot.

v30-35 Philip runs over to the chariot. The official invites Philip into the chariot. Philip shares the gospel with the official.

vs36-38 The official is baptized. The official was saved because God brought him to a place of repentance. Baptism is a visual representation of the fact that Christians are clothed in Christ and they share in His victory over sin through a symbolic death, burial and resurrection.

v39-40 Philip was carried away similar to Elijah. Philip finds himself dropped off at Azotus where he preaches the gospel to people in all towns until he arrives in Caesarea.

A divine appointment is a meeting arranged by God.

It is quite possible that God sends us divine appointments on a daily basis but we miss them because we are not looking for them.

People are brought into our lives for a reason. God, through these divine appointments, is going to use you to accomplish what he has already designed you to accomplish.

Somebody’s life is going to change. Either you are going to share something that changes somebody else’s life or God is going to show you what needs to change in your life.

Look at these divine appointments through the filter of Scripture. Embrace the changes God wants you to make in your life.

Pray that God will give you discernment to recognize the divine appointments He places in your life.