My Greatest Prayer

I have met a lot of parents who push their kids to chase after the American dream. They want their kids to succeed in school, sports or whatever it is that they decide to pursue. I have met these parents in the church.

The problem is that this mindset is flawed. Our children do not need to be pushed to earn money for the accumulation of things. Our kids do not need to be taught to buy into the lie that they need whatever is going to make them happy.

My greatest prayer is that my son will come to know Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. I pray that he will redefine success from what our culture and society and even some churches define it to be.

I am intentional and determined to push my son towards Christ. I do not care if he has a house, wife, three kids, a dog and two cars. I do not care if he goes to or finishes college. Really? How dare I say that?

The Bible clearly shows that my job as a dad is to push my son to Christ. I am to push him to be obedient and go where the Holy Spirit leads him. If God leads him to college…great. However, if God also leads him to the mission field or to plant a church…that is also great.

My son has a purpose. The Bible says that before time began, God created for us the work we were to accomplish. God has created my son for that purpose.

I want my child to be a good student yes. I want him to be a good reader, I want him to make good grades. However, more than that, I want him to see his school, his job, his friends as a mission field.

I pray that Christ draws my son to salvation at an early age and I will have the privilege of discipling him. I pray that he advances in spiritual maturity and leads many people to Jesus.

We are not placed on this earth for the American dream. We are not here for our happiness. We are not here to get good grades, make money and accumulate houses, cars and take three vacations a year.

We are here for the glory of God.

You can say what you want. I am going to push my son to follow hard after Christ and pursue him at whatever the cost.

When I stand before Christ, I will not have to answer for whether my son went to college, made good money, had a nice home and had money for retirement.

I will stand before Christ and I will be held accountable for how well I discipled my son.

I pray that God will use my son as the vessel he created him to be to accomplish the work that He created for my son to do before the beginning of time.