A Review of With by Skye Jethani

This is a BookSneeze review.

With by Skye Jethani is a book that challenges the ways that most Christians relate to God.

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I have enjoyed reading this work. While I did find some parts convicting, I also found where I had gone off course and how to actually pursue a real relationship with God.

There is more to God than most people are willing to realize.  When you talk to someone about God, it is easy to see how they view God by listening to what they say.

 Sadly, most people will talk like God is waiting to strike them dead if they step out of line. Others think that God is like a genie in a magic lamp and God will lavish you with whatever you wish. Some will go so far as to base their entire self worth on their service. They believe that what they do and how much they do makes God happy.
They see God as a way to treasure not THE treasure.
 Our goal should be to always want more of God. God is our treasure. Being with him is worth more than anything we can find on this earth. There is no substitute for God but people constantly try to place other things in place of God.

A life with God helps us understand more of who God is and what it means for us to be his children. We understand more about abundant life. We get a bigger glimpse of his unconditional love.

A life with God is not about God being a dictator, or slave-driver, it is purely seeking God. We pursue him because our desire is him.