It Has Got To Stop Now

Christmas is a time to reflect upon the birth of Jesus. We should not forget that it is his birthday.

Pic from Flickr by Royalty_Cakes

It is Jesus’ birthday. In Jewish culture, nobody knew what Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas meant. These statements had no meaning.  Christmas is less celebrating the things that you are getting or how much you spent on someone else. Christmas is about celebrating Jesus.

 We are celebrating the birth of the Savior who came into the world to die upon the cross in our place to wash our sinful hearts as white as snow. Jesus will return as he promised to take his sheep home.
The gospel is about grace.

These stupid attitudes that Christians have at Christmas are not.

If you say Merry Christmas and you take joy in offending people, you need the gospel just as much as anyone.

We have an urgent mission to tell the lost about Christ. We are to make disciples and in all things glorify God.

 I understand that our culture and government are trying to make anything to have to do with Jesus, taboo. They think Christianity is offensive and so in their minds it would be better to just do away with it.

The best way to show love to these people and glorify God is by not offending them.

 We should care less with whether people say Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas and be very concerned that these people are on their way to a Christless eternity in hell.

Offending people that do not say Merry Christmas is not sharing the love of the gospel. Again, if you get joy from offending these people, you should repent of your arrogance and selfishness.

It’s not about you.

It’s all about Jesus.

My family will greet everyone this season with “Merry Christmas” but we will do so without intentionally offending anyone.
Have yourself a Merry Christmas and may God get the glory from all that you do in this holiday season.