Notes For FaithPoint

These notes are from our Discipleship 101 series. This sermon is titled…

Discipleship 101: The Great Commandment

 Matthew 26:37-40

Love God:
Our relationship with God is not based on what we give him. Our self worth is not based on what we do for God.
Our identity is not found in service.
God wants more than just our service, more than just our offerings and gifts, more than our worship, more than our mission trips. God wants our heart.
Matthew 13:44
God and only God should be our deepest desire. God is our treasure.
To treasure God is to fully desire to be with him. Our acts of service and worship come out of our love for God.
Love Yourself:
You cannot love your neighbor if you do not know how to love yourself.
Forget everything that society and culture say. They are trying to mold you into what they want you to be and not who God wants you to be. Listening to the garbage in magazines, movies, the internet, TV etc. makes it really easy to look into the mirror and not love the person looking back at you.
To love yourself, you must see yourself as God sees you.
You are not just a sinner saved by grace – you are saints.
You are the children of God.
You are Holy.
Recognize that there are still things in your life that do not conform you to Christ’s image. Those have got to go.
To love yourself:
You take care of your bodies as well as take care for your spirit. This is where spiritual disciplines come in.
Love Your Neighbor:
– honor them
– wish no harm or wrongdoing come to them
– do good to them as you have opportunity
– truly and sincerely love them in the same way in which we love ourselves – see above
– deny ourselves for the good of your neighbor
– pour out your life for your neighbor
– die for your neighbor
– you do not intentionally offend or tear down your neighbor.

You do want to push your neighbor to Christ.

We must show our neighbors how the gospel affects our everyday life before they can understand why they need it in theirs.

Because we love our neighbor, we share with them Jesus. 
We seek to build relationships with our neighbors.
We seek to make disciples not converts.

If we truly love God and we truly love our neighbor, we will push our neighbor to Jesus.