Letter To FaithPoint

During this Christmas season: My prayer for you is that in the midst of family and friends, gifts and food, shopping and eating, you will not lose focus of the overall meaning behind Christmas.

The King has come.
God sent Jesus. I am not sure that we will ever fully grasp the magnitude of that. God sent Jesus here to live a sinless life among his created people. Jesus would grow as a child, mature through adolescence and continue on to manhood. This man, Jesus would then suffer at the hands of these same created people as he willingly gave his life for the redemption of our sins.
The King has come.
The king was born under very humble circumstances. He was not born in a palace. He was not even born in a house. He was born in a manger. Let’s not over think this. A manger is not some glorified crib. It is a feeding trough. Jesus was born in, wrapped in a blanket, and laid in the plate of pigs and horses. That is how our king came into the world.
He grew up learning the skills of a carpenter. He took raw pieces of wood and cut them and shaped them until they became the finished piece of furniture that he wanted it to be. I believe it was by God’s design that Jesus learned the trade of being a carpenter.
Jesus today takes raw material, us and cuts, purges, and shapes us until we become the finished product of being conformed to his image.
How are you being conformed more to the image of Christ this Christmas?
It is not by the accumulation of things. It is not by accumulating more debt on your credit card.
It is by giving selflessly and enjoying the moments shared with others. Try to be a blessing for someone else this Christmas. Buy a gift for a child on an angel tree, give a gift card to a needy family, give to the Salvation Army. How can you be the hands and feet of Christ this Christmas?
My family and I love you FaithPoint. We want the best God has for you as you seek to follow Jesus and listen as he guides you where to go. We hope that you have a very blessed Christmas.
The King has come.