Notes For FaithPoint

The title for this sermon is: Change Happens

The text for this sermon comes from Acts 9:20-25.
vs. 20 Saul immersed himself in the church at Damascus. The church he was bent on persecuting, he is now a part of. Just by being with them, he started to become discipled.
When Jesus saves you – that is cause for celebration. The leper proclaimed Jesus. The woman at the well proclaimed Jesus. When Jesus touches your life – your spirit should be pushing you to shout from the rooftops – “Look what Jesus has done! Jesus has changed me!”
Jesus specializes in taking what was a mess and making it a messenger.
vs. 21 People were amazed at the change in Saul’s life.
vs. 22-25 Saul increased in passion for and became more intimately aware of the gospel. His proclamation of Jesus is evidence of a regenerated heart.
Saul realized the need of the gospel in everyday life.
Saul’s affection for the gospel became more intense. He became bolder and more confident in his defense of the gospel. He continues to prove Jesus is the Christ – silencing the arguments of his accusers.
It is easy to believe that Saul was instrumental in helping many people come to Jesus.
Saul was so intentional and passionate in his message of sharing the gospel that people wanted to kill him.
That is how I want to live my life.
Saul would not shut up about Jesus.