To Make or Not Make Resolutions

Pic from Flickr by (Andrea)

I am not one for making New Year’s resolutions.  Most New Year’s resolutions are superficial. People say things and never really intend on following through. Look at the increase of gym memberships that go up in January only to have people give up by February.

Jonathan Edwards made a list of resolutions that he desired to live by for his whole life. If you are going to make a resolution, it should be something to aim at, something that takes discipline, something that starts off being uncomfortable and the results are not immediate.
Over the next week, I am going to pick some of the resolutions that Jonathan Edwards wrote that resonate deeply with me and will share them with you.
The first one is #6.
Edwards wrote, “Resolved to live with all my might, while I do live.”
That is extremely powerful.
Jesus said that he came to give us the abundant life that we might have life to the full. It’s kind of hard to live an abundant life if you never get off the couch. It is difficult even to live the abundant life if your time is consumed by Facebook or your favorite show on TV.
If you are alive, you are not dead.
Did you get that? If you are alive, you are not dead. Then why is it that so many people would rather suffer through life than to live it to the fullest? Is it because they are afraid?
To fully live out Edwards’ resolution, we must figure out what it looks like for one to live life with all their might.
  • Put your whole being into living life. Let every part of you be engaged in every situation that you are in.
  • Realize that your life is in the hands of the Creator, God. He does nothing out of routine. Your life is neither routine or mundane. There is nothing boring about you because you are His.
  • When you pray, worship, talk with friends, spend time with family, eat at a table with guests, read the Bible, listen to a sermon, dance, play…engage! Be present. Do not waste time by thinking about the past or what is yet to come. Be now. Be alert. Be with it. Go all out and leave it all on the court.
  • Each day is a new beginning. Live each day to its fullest. Go to bed with no regrets.
  • Every day that God gives you breath is another day you get to glorify him with how you spend it.
I know that I can work better on this. I have not been the best at living life to the fullest extent that I possibly can. There have been plenty of instances that I was less than engaged. All of us could probably say the same about ourselves.
To start new, there is no better time than the present. Make a conscious decision and jump. Don’t tip toe into the water. Don’t ease into life, live it.
Step on the gas.
Don’t put your brakes on at a green light.
Love your family with all that you are and all that you have.
Spend time with your friends.
Clean your plate….or don’t.
Eat dessert.
Go on vacation.
Learn something new.
Read a book.
Spend more time with God in His Word.
Write. Draw. Create.
Don’t Waste Your Life.
What do you think? Do you have any resolutions that you are going to make? How will they affect your life?