The Top 11 Blog Posts of 2011

It is hard to believe that 2011 is almost over. A lot of events have taken place this year and if you fail to pay attention, it is almost as if time passes you by. I cannot believe that my son will be 2 in a few more months. I feel like yesterday I was holding him as a newborn in the hospital.

FaithPoint is six months old. Wow. This is a milestone in our church as we head towards our one year anniversary and many more changes that God will bring our way.
I also hope to do a lot more writing next year, that is one of my goals. However, we will see how that turns out. Until then, here are the top 11 blog posts of 2011 from The Passionate Pursuit of Christ.
  1. The Temple: Solomon began to build the “house of the Lord” in 1 Kings 6. This temple would be the place where the Lord would dwell among his people. Paul, in the NT, refers to our bodies as the temples where the Holy Spirit now dwells.
  2. Busy Or Just Distracted?Have you ever noticed how many people use the word busy as an excuse for willingly allowing themselves to be distracted?
  3. Go Fish 4:The Bible also says that the angels rejoice when a lost person comes to know Christ. When the last soul is saved and their name is written in the Lamb’s book of life, the trumpet will sound and Jesus and His angels will come and take us to heaven to live forever!
  4. Bruschetta Chicken Bake: Simple, easy, and good would describe this dish. I made it for my wife and she thought it was good too. I enjoy trying out new recipes and then tweaking them to suit my family.  I hope you enjoy this one.
  5. Steven Furtick – You Are Not Francis Chan
  6. A Reaction Paper to Domestic Violence:  Domestic violence is a serious issue. The violent attacks are usually by men towards women. This issue is not stereotypical to only one type of lifestyle. Domestic violence can occur whether the people involved are rich or poor.
  7. Mark Driscoll Talks About Jehovah’s Witnesses
  8. Go Fish 3: It is the purpose for whichyou have been called. How many people are going to hell because you have never said a word to them?
  9. A Little About FaithPoint:We love Jesus. We love people and we love the gospel. We desire to make disciples, train men, develop pastors, send missionaries and plant churches.
  10. Discipleship 101 Friendship: Genesis 4 – Am I my brother’s keeper? Short answer yes.
  11. Christ Is Your Life:Why do people not value the truth in Scripture? Is the pastor wasting his time?
    People will go to work for 8 hours, sleep 6-7 hours, watch a football game for 3 hours, watch a movie for 2 hours, spend 2-3 hours playing video games or on facebook or watching TV and these same people will get mad if a preacher goes longer than 35-40 minutes in his sermon.
Like these? Want more? What would you like to see in 2012? Hit up the comments.