Weekly Wrap Up 12/31

Starting today, I am introducing a new series of posts called the Weekly Wrap Up. I will post the most interesting things that I have read from around the web and place them here all in one spot for you. Enjoy.

Courage Is Not Winning. It Is Sacrifice http://ow.ly/8dWaS
Leonce Crump, in this post on The Resurgence blog shows that Jesus had more courage in his sacrifice than he would have if he had come off the cross and destroyed the Roman army.
8 Reasons Why Some Churches Never Grow http://ow.ly/8dWiS
Perry Noble explains what keeps a church in a less than thriving environment and keeps them stagnant rather than growing.
Florida Hit Hardest By Sears Store Closings http://ow.ly/8dWpD
Sears is closing 79 Sears and Kmart stores. A list is given of the states and cities affected by these closures.
How To Write A Life-Plan For The New Year http://ow.ly/8dYcB
Ron Edmondson gives a list of goals for you to achieve in creating a new life-plan. The plan serves as a guide not as a set of rules carved in stone.
Andy Stanley: The New Commandment