The Blank Page

This morning is not any different from any other morning. I go in the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee, walk to my computer, open Evernote and there before me is a blank page.

Pic from Flickr by Dan Ericksson

The blank page is staring at me, begging me to write. It is asking me to dive inside myself and create. I sit down and look at the blank page and just stare at it. I have scrolled through my lists of ideas and blog posts waiting to be published but none of those seem right, at least not at this moment.
So, this idea comes into my head. Let’s be a little more real, a little more transparent, a little more raw. My hands reach for the keyboard and as I go to type, it happens.
Everything inside me screams. The blank page is begging me to write and my self is begging me not to. Why? My mind goes into racing, making excuses for what can or cannot be put on the blank page. My mind is trying to cripple my hands from writing. My mind knows that if given the chance, my hands will type the truth. Words will tell a story.
The mind is where the battle is fought. To create on the blank page, you have to win this battle in your mind. How? How do you get past your mind doing everything it can to stop you? You just write. You create. You cut yourself open and you bleed on the blank page until the story comes together.
Your mind does not want you to tell the truth. Why should you bare your soul? Who wants to read that? Why does someone else care about your dreams, struggles, cares, your spiritual walk with Jesus?
What are you afraid of? That someone will actually read something you wrote and it will resonate with them? Are you afraid that readers will find out who you really are? There is only so much you can do to try and hide behind the blank page. Once you begin to write, once you begin to create, you will begin to put more and more of yourself into your creation. More of you will be left on the blank page.
Before long the page is no longer blank. You have written. You have created and there before you lies part of you on that page. Do you have the courage to publish it?
The blank page is a platform. It is just begging for you to share your voice. There are no boundaries. There are no detours. There are no limits.
The only one that can stop you from creating…is you.
What are you working on? What are you creating? I would like to know. Hit up the comments and join the conversation.
Selden Armour
Selden Armour

Jimmy: been following your blog for a while and I think this was one of the best. Keep up the reat work for God.

Jimmy Proulx
Jimmy Proulx

Thank you. I am glad that you enjoy it. By God's grace, I will continue to write for many more years.