Weekly Wrap Up 1/7

5 Factors That Brought A Dying Church Back To Life:
Death is not always inevitable. It is possible for a declining church to have new life breathed into it. JD Greear, pastor of the Summit Church, tells how. http://ow.ly/8la4n

Shaun King advises, “Do Not Do Business With People In The Church” http://ow.ly/8laaT

The computer mouse could be going away. A technology that was once used with handicapped people is being made widely available now. This could be on the market in the next couple years. With the mouse gone, how will you read emails or play games? The answer: Use Your Eyes http://ow.ly/8lahQ

Tiger Woods ex-wife bought a $12 million home. Then she decided she did not like it so she had it bulldozed to the ground. You can see the before and after pics here: http://ow.ly/8lalA

Priscilla Shirer: There Is a Secret To Beholding