Notes For FaithPoint

The title of this sermon is A Proverbs 31 Woman Needs A Psalm 1 Man.

The text comes from Psalm 1 and Exodus 3:13-14
This is the kind of man who spiritually provides and leads his wife. The wife can submit to her husband when she knows that he is submissive to Christ.
This is the kind of man who can read the Bible and share the gospel with his children. He prays for them as he tucks them into bed at night.
He is diligent to study the Bible.
He is intentional. He meets with God daily in prayer.
He feeds himself.
He shares the gospel and prays for others.
He teaches the Scripture.
He leads and fellowships in the church.
He is bold.
He is courageous.
He is confident.
His identity is found in Jesus.
How a man prays is directly related to his view on how big God is.
A Psalm 1 man needs a Proverbs 31 woman.
He is both tough and tender.
He fights for his family.