Of Pastors and Podcasts

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A few weeks ago, Trevin Wax wrote an article titled Your Podcast Is Not Your Pastor. I liked it and even posted it to my Facebook page. In the article, Wax mentions a girl that listens to a podcast and she thinks that the preacher she listens to is her spiritual authority. That is a huge problem. I believe the article mentions that she listens to John Piper. Now, she has never met John Piper, she does not live in his neighborhood or attend his church. John Piper does not have a relationship with this girl. So, I do agree with Wax that you should not attribute pastoral authority to a preacher whom you listen to and do not have any kind of biblical based relationship with.

What do I use podcasts for?
1. I use them for Scripture intake. I will play them in the car or at home. I understand the daily need for Scripture. I listen to preachers who are not afraid to open the Bible and expound upon God’s Word.
2. I use podcasts to listen to different styles of preaching. Not every preacher preaches the same. I use them to listen and learn both how and how not to preach. I also have begun to work on developing my own “style” of preaching and communication. Once, this was a bumpy road but it is starting to smooth out now.
3. I use podcasts for mentorship. I would have loved to have been taken under the wing of a pastor and learned from him as a Luke Skywalker learning from an Obi Wan. However, that was not part of God’s plan for me. God wanted me to study and learn for myself. I am a firm believer that one should never stop learning. I read a lot. I think it a great benefit to listen to podcasts and learn both what works well and to also learn from another’s mistakes so that I may avoid making the same mistakes.
I do not see anything wrong with listening to a podcast. However, if the podcast is your sole avenue of Scripture intake, you might want to get back into the Bible. The podcast is not church. You are not there at the time the sermon is preached. You are not joining in corporate worship with others of that church. You are not serving at that church. You are not being discipled at that church.
God designed us for community. Get into a Bible believing, Bible preaching church. Become discipled and serve both the church and the community. Find a church that makes you excited about going to church. Worship there with all your being. Become the full extent of the vessel that God created you to be to do the works that He has given you to accomplish.
If you would like to read Wax’s article Your Podcast Is Not Your Pastor, you can read that here¬†http://ow.ly/8wvN7