Notes for FaithPoint

The title for this sermon is Jesus Is Enough.

Our text comes from Acts 8:1-8.
vs. 1 Saul approved of Stephen’s execution. Saul delighted as he watched the stoning of Stephen.
Scattered throughout the region – This is a good thing. The apostles stayed in Jerusalem.
vs. 2 Brothers in Christ – real friends buried Stephen. A true spiritual warrior was killed in battle. Stephen had made an impact on them.
vs. 3 Saul ravaged the church. The church is no sooner planted than it is persecuted. Jesus had already warned the disciples that they would be persecuted and true to his words – the church is being persecuted. During the persecution it seems that many Christians were put to death. Paul says later that he spoke against many that were killed.
Saul was bent on silencing the gospel. Saul made it his mission to stop the name of Jesus from spreading. Saul broke into the homes of Christians – kicked the door in and dragged people out.
Saul had the best education a student could have and yet he became the Temple Mafia hitman. No man was secure in his own house. He tore into any house that he thought might have Christians in it. He would drag people out to court and try to force them to renounce Jesus.