Childlike – Clutter

I often say that my little boy has more toys than Toys R Us. Just this past Christmas he received toys as gifts from family, friends, and of course, his parents. There is nothing wrong with him receiving toys but on any given day, our living room can look like Toys R Us exploded.

Pic from Flickr by AngryJulieMonday

Until the living room is cleaned up, it is hard to walk through. If not kept an eye on, toys will accumulate in the hallway, the kitchen, and the master bedroom. It has occurred to me that he just might have too many toys. I have thought that it would be a good idea to get rid of some by giving them away or donating them to a local charity. The point is this: When toys become too much for the closet to contain or for the toy box lid to close, the child may have too many toys.
Of course, no child really wants to part with his toys. But daddy and mommy know best. The child needs to learn that as he grows, he needs to get rid of some things to make room for other things. As he gets older, he will not want the same toys he has now. His reading will advance and he will not need the same books he has now.
I have seen TV shows about people called hoarders. They can’t get rid of anything. They accumulate all kinds of things. The house becomes cluttered and hard to move through. Just to get from one room to another would require boots and a grappling hook. Along with the stuff people accumulate comes packaging and trash. Everything comes in and nothing goes out. A lot of people have so much junk that their houses become infested with bugs and rats.
This is not much different from people who have not repented of known sin in their lives. Sin if not dealt with will accumulate until it consumes you. Sin will grow until you are cluttered and plagued in your mind. You will become infested with thoughts of guilt, shame, and condemnation.
Anything that you desire to fill your life with other than Jesus is sin.
The good thing is…clutter can be removed. The house can be clean again.
On these hoarder shows, there is some type of intervention that has to be done and then a garbage truck backs up to the house and they clean it out. Then there has to be a process of extensive cleaning to get the house back to where people can actually live in it again.
At the cross, Jesus paid the ultimate price. It is the cost of His blood that washes white as snow. Sin does not have to accumulate in your life. If you are a Christian, you are washed as white as snow. You are regenerated, born again, made brand new. Through your sanctification process – the process where you are conformed more to the image of Jesus, Jesus begins to remove the clutter. The Holy Spirit comes in at the time of your salvation and makes Himself at home. He lives there. He will begin to clean house and make it a place that is fit for Him to live in.
May the Holy Spirit feel at home in you.