Weekly Wrap Up 1/28

Hope your week has gone well. I hope that you can just grab a cup of coffee and sit back and relax.  I like to read blogs while drinking my hot cup of coffee.  While you are in your state of relaxation…enjoy this blog post.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Sunday. Go to church and worship the Lord Jesus with your whole being.

Here is this week’s weekly wrap up.

The Preview for the 2012 Verge Conference


20 Points on Leading Millennials
This is a great article written by Brad Lomenick. Brad is the lead guy for Catalyst. He offers his perspective for how to lead the millennial generation. I believe that this generation can change the world. http://ow.ly/8JPbc

5 Reasons We Need to Rebrand Evangelism
This is an article by Greg Stier. Stier says, “Sadly, the 2,000 year old practice of evangelism has 2,000 years worth of baggage that comes with it.” http://ow.ly/8JPjE

Francis Chan talks about the mission of Jesus and what it looks like for a person to be a true follower of Jesus.