Dirty Coffee Cup

When I used to live in a cubicle in the office world, I had one specific coffee cup that I used to drink coffee from everyday. I still have it. It is a black, Harley Davidson coffee cup. Nothing went in it except coffee. It sat on my desk every morning waiting for me to pour the delicious, hot coffee into it so that I could drink from it.
I didn’t wash it. Wait. I know what you are thinking. Ewww! Gross! Just hang on a minute. The mindset that I had was wrong. In my mind if I only drank coffee out of it, there was no need to wash it. I did wipe down the outside but never touched the inside. I would go anywhere from two weeks to a month without washing it. By the time I did get around to washing it, it took a little extra effort to clean it. It looked rough. It was pretty gunked up from me not washing it out. My coffee cup was clean on the outside and pretty nasty looking on the inside.
Hold up…..
Jesus used the same metaphor in talking to the Pharisees. In Matthew 23:27, Jesus tells the Pharisees that they are like whitewashed tombs. They outwardly appear beautiful but on the inside they are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.
There are many people in the church today that are fooling themselves into thinking they are Christians when they are not. They may know how to dress modestly, they may have memorized a few verses, they may know how to play the game of church but they have no relationship with Jesus Christ.
They look like disciples but do not have a relationship with the Savior. Knowledge alone will not get you into heaven. You can look great on the outside but as long as you are dirty, dingy, and just downright nasty on the inside. It does not help to look alive on the outside if you are dead on the inside.
There needs to be a regeneration. A life changing, radical destroying of your old self and replaced with the Spirit of Jesus. You need salvation.
The more I become conformed to the image of Jesus, the more I would not trade it for anything. I would not go back to my old way of life, my old habits, my old thoughts, my old self for anything.
Remember this: It is not the outside that affects the change on the inside. It is always the other way around.
It is the change on the inside that affects your outside. Because of the change on the inside, your mind, character, behavior all of you begins a process of change. It is not always easy but it is well worth the cost.
By the way, I do wash the coffee cup now…EVERY time I use it.