Weekly Wrap Up 2/11

This is a little late getting out. I had an awesome time with two of our elders as well as other pastors and church planters today. We met for a church planter round table discussion. We discussed how the gospel should impact and be applied in every area of our lives. We live out the gospel because everything we do is to point others to Jesus Christ.

As you go through this weekly wrap up, think on this:

How has the gospel impacted your life this week and how have you impacted others with the gospel?

Gospel Centered Missional Communities

Sex, Marriage, and Fairytales

How to talk to people who claim the name of Christ and will not stop sleeping together

A great article by Trevin Wax: Looking for a Church? http://ow.ly/90VQs

And last but not least, Nicole Cottrell writes about the Top 5 Lies Christians Believe: http://ow.ly/90VTY

That is it for this weekly wrap up. Tomorrow is Sunday. May you find yourself in a Gospel-Centered Church tomorrow.