Notes For FaithPoint

This sermon is from our Discipleship 101 series.
This sermon is called Discipleship 101: Biblical relationships.
God designed the woman to be a helper.
Genesis 2:18
She did not come from the head for either to be superior. She did not come from the foot so that either could be stepped on or degraded. She came from his side so the two can be friends.
Genesis 2:21-22
The man and the woman must make their life together.
Genesis 2:24
Ephesians 5:22-33
Wives will submit to their husbands to the degree that their husbands submit to Jesus.
The husband is the pastor of the home.
Everything rises and falls on the husband.
A man’s wife and child should be better because he was the head of the home.
A husband and wife walk through this life together.
Men are to love their wives and wives are to respect for their husbands.
For singles: Women are to respect men as their brothers in Christ. Men are to love women as their sisters in Christ. It is all about Jesus. If you have an unbiblical, unhealthy view of the opposite sex…repent. Romans 12:2
A man should pray for the woman that God has for him. A woman should be praying for the man God has for her.
For a marriage to work God’s way. Both the husband and wife must die to themselves. They must renounce all things and serve the other. Pride has no place in a marriage.
Luke 14:25-33