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This sermon is from our Discipleship 101 series. It is titled:

Discipleship 101: Evangelism Part 1.

Luke 14  Love Jesus more than anyone else. Renounce all things so that nothing controls you.
John 15:7  Abide in the Word.
John 15:16  Work – Trees that bear fruit.
I believe with all my heart. The church cannot be trees that bear fruit because they do not abide in the Word.
They have memorized the Word and they have knowledge of the Word. But they do not abide in the Word. They do not live in the Word. They are not consumed by the Word. They are not saturated by the Word.
If they were cut open, I am not sure they would bleed the Bible.
The Bible is to be so much a part of you that it changes you. It affects every area of your life. It so changes you to the point that your heart begins to change. When your heart changes, your thoughts, decisions, actions, habits and words change.
The Bible helps to conform you to the image of Jesus.
The Bible helps to make you obedient.
Jesus gave us a command that we are horrible at keeping.
Matthew 28:19-20
Jesus said, Go! In the past I have translated this wrongly. In the past, I have stated that Go means as you are going, walking, mulling along. When Jesus said Go, it is more accurately translated Run!
‘Run with this urgent message that I have given you!. Make passionate, devoted disciples. Stain them with Jesus Christ. They need to be marked. Teach them and show them all that I have commanded you. And when you do this, I will be with you always until this life is over.”
We have this urgent message. Why is the church not running? Why are we not moving? Why do we waste our time going through routines, patterns, traditions, programs and end up in the same place we started?
The church is its own obstacle. You are your own worst enemy.
Hebrews 12:1
You cannot run if you are being held down. You cannot run if you are bound, tied up. Sin is a weight. It is an anchor that holds you captive and keeps you from running. You can struggle to get free but as long as you are bound to it, you cannot run.
To run you need to be free. To run you need nothing that holds you back. The lighter you are, the faster you will run.
But even if you can run, the overall matter is abiding in the Word.
Does the church today even believe God is who He says He is? Does the church today believe that God can do what He says He can do?
Obedience brings blessing.
Deut. 11:22-32
The church still lives like it is in the wilderness.
The biggest struggle Moses had was trying to get the Israelites out of the Egypt mindset. Moses had gotten them out of Egypt but could not get Egypt out of them.
The Israelites had manna and God provided for them. Then there was a day, when the manna stopped.
God had raised Joshua up to be the new leader.
Joshua 1:10-11
God is done spoon feeding you. It is time to go get your own.
God has a harvest for FaithPoint. You have to go get it!
God has blessings for FaithPoint. You have to go get it!
You have to believe God when He says, he has given the land to you and then you go take it.
You have to take it to possess it.
You cannot possess it without working for it.
FaithPoint has a harvest and blessings coming. You have to work the fields and go take what God has given you.
Possession does not come without work.
Possession does not come without taking.
FaithPoint! Go take what God has said was already yours.
Marcus Nicolas
Marcus Nicolas

Amen! Imma take what God already said is mine!!!