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The title of this sermon is Discipleship 101: Being Missional.

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Missional is a huge buzz word in the church today. A lot of people use the word without really knowing what it means.

FaithPoint Community Church is a missional church.

To be missional, you first must understand what missional means.

Missional is the way a church approaches people in culture.
1 Corinthians 9:19-23.
Paul had been rocked by Jesus. He had been changed and transformed. So have you.
Because you have been changed and transformed, you seek to change and transform. God has made us Agents of Reconciliation. God is in the process of reconciling all of creation back to Himself. He chooses to use us to make that change.
You are a missionary. At the moment of your salvation, you became one. You changed residences. Your permanent home is with Jesus. You are here on a very urgent assignment. To make disciples by engaging culture with the gospel and love of Jesus.
As a church, we can listen to sermons, sing songs, fellowship, go to conferences and retreats but if we do not engage culture with the gospel, we have failed to accomplish the main mission that Jesus gave us.
This is why you work where you work. This is why you shop where you shop. This is why you live where you live. This is why you would go to a coffee shop and you may not even drink coffee.
There are a few things that you need to know about being missional:
  • Being missional models the church in Acts. The apostles were missional. Paul was missional. The church was missional.
  • Being missional is about strong Bible based theology. The Bible guides us and is the foundation for why we are missional. We hold the Bible to be our highest authority. Some churches refuse to use the Bible in an effort to be both missional and relevant.
  • Being missional is about the gospel.
  • Being missional is about the church.
  • Being missional is about discipleship
  • Not all methodologies and strategies work. What works in a city in GA may not work in a city in Texas or a city in New York.
  • Being missional is overall about obedience to Jesus.
Jonathan Stone
Jonathan Stone

I like your explanation, Jimmy. I found you through the Frank Viola promotion. Glad to connect. Jonathan

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Jimmy Proulx

Thanks Jonathan. Look forward to connecting with you in the future. Thanks for the follow on Twitter. Jimmy