Take Courage

Think back on your life. Were you ever sold the American Dream? The story goes that you will graduate high school, go to college, possibly chase a Master’s degree, find a spouse, buy a house with your little white picket fence, have three kids, two cars, and a dog. You will work happily at your job for 25 or plus years and then retire to do nothing for the rest of your life until you die.

This kind of mindset has invaded the church. From the moment of salvation, we encourage you to be your all for Jesus but in a safe environment, free from risk. We tell the new Christian to live for Christ in their homes, schools, places of business and where they shop. We are good at coming up with excuses to deter people from traveling to third world countries, starting new ministries, tackling all forms of injustice, planting new churches.
We have told people to be all they can for Jesus as long as it is safe. Most people are on board with this type of thinking. Some will even go so far as to encourage living for Jesus as long as it does not cost a lot of money or include them.

Isn’t that a bunch of crap?
Nowhere in Scripture does Jesus say, “Come to me and you never have to leave the couch.” Following Jesus does not happen on our terms. From the moment we are regenerated, the moment that the Holy Spirit moves in and takes up residence in us, Jesus calls us out of our comfort zone to a life of radical obedience. He moves us out of the comfort zone to the very edge of the cliff of uncomfortable.
It is not about you. It is not about me. It is not about our desires, our passions, our preferences, our likes or dislikes. It was in the past, is now, and always will be about Jesus!
What is God stirring in you? What do you feel compelled to do? What is that thing that if you step out in faith to accomplish, your mind and people you know will give you every excuse why you can’t accomplish it?
Move. Take the first step. Run after Jesus. Do the hard things. Go where most people won’t go.
Don’t settle for being stagnant. Don’t settle for complacency. God has called you to greater things than being average.
The status quo is stupid.
We are programmed from childhood to not challenge leaders, not to questions systems already put in place, not to think outside the box, and not to rock the boat.
That kind of thinking makes employees, not leaders. That kind of thinking kills imagination, innovation, and creativity.
Embrace where the Holy Spirit wants to take you. Dive, be saturated by God’s Word. Let it flow through you. Let it transform you by renewing your mind.
Engage culture. Talk to people. Share the gospel. Buy somebody an espresso. Take the mission trip. Write the book. Plant the church. Fight injustice. Pray.
Whatever you do, don’t remain idle.
Take Courage.