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The title of this sermon is Discipleship 101: Worship.

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This sermon is part of our Discipleship 101 series.
Worship: Worthiness, Respect, Reverence paid to God – To bow down.
The Fear of the Lord is an Old Testament Expression meaning Reverential Trust. Including the hatred of sin and evil.
Worship is both individual and corporate.
Who we worship is the focus of our hearts and minds.
We cannot be godly apart from the worship of God.
Worship helps us to both understand and appreciate how worthy Jesus really is.
Worship is to ascribe proper worth to God. God is worthy of all the worth and honor that we can give Him and infinitely more.
You cannot truly encounter God and not respond to Him in worship.
To the degree that you comprehend what God is like will be the degree to which you respond to Him with your worship.
Worship is done in both spirit and truth. We worship God as He is revealed in Scripture, not as we want Him to be. If your act of worship is not sincere, then it doesn’t matter if you are praying or singing. It is not worship and you are a hypocrite.
Worship encompasses our whole being. Heart, head, emotions, thoughts.
The way you live your life is your act of worship towards God.
Romans 12:1
God deserves our worship.
Psalm 29:2
Psalm 95:6
Psalm 96:9
Worship is a discipline. Jesus commands us to worship God.
Matthew 4:10
To worship God over a lifetime requires that you discipline yourself to worship.
Worship privately has a great effect on your worship corporately.
Worship enhances the effectiveness of your prayers.
John 9:31
If you do not worship God, you worship the devil.
John 8:38-47
You will worship somebody.
Worship God with your whole being. Let Him wreck your life with grace. Let Him lead and guide you through this life.
God deserves your worship.
Rivera Douthit
Rivera Douthit

Thank you for these words on worship! "You cannot truly encounter God and not respond to Him in worship." "Let HIm wreck your life with grace." Love that!

Jimmy Proulx
Jimmy Proulx

Thank you Rivera. May we all recognize our need to be wrecked with grace. Thank you for reading.