Lesson Learned

I am haunted and even ashamed of how a past relationship ended up. I had a friend (we will call him V) and did not push him towards Christ.

We had met after high school and we just started hanging out. We occasionally talked about church and God but it was never anything substantial. It never sparked a deeper conversation on where either of us stood with Christ.
The overall problem at this time in my life was I was a Christian and there was not much fruit on the tree. I was claiming the name of Christ and living most of the time like he was a distant relative instead of my Lord and Savior.
V was a member of an Episcopal church but rarely went. He did attend Christmas and Easter services but he was not plugged in to the church. I honestly do not believe that he was a Christian but we never really confronted the subject of each other’s salvation.
We had a falling out. I have not heard from or seen V in over ten years.
The way I lived my life at that time, I did more to push V to hell than I did to push him to Christ. That thought sticks in my mind constantly. However, I have learned a great deal from that relationship.
  • I am intentional with all of my relationships. The overall purpose for any relationship is to push them towards Jesus. At the end of the day, I want all of my friends, relatives, church members, staff, and family to say that I pushed them to be more like Jesus.
  • I am authentic. I know what it was like to be fake, to live a lie, to play the game. Not anymore. I purpose to live in such a way that you will always see the real me. What you see on Sunday will be the same man you see Monday through Saturday. There is not two different men. There is no masks or costumes. There is no front. There is just me. Part of being authentic is showing that you are not perfect. Sometimes, people see your flaws, and see when you make mistakes. It is all a part of life.
  • I am a teacher. I take the Great Commission seriously. There is a definite need to know where each of your relationships stand. I want to be actively discipling people so that they can advance in the process of conforming to the image of Christ.

I have made it a point in my life to constantly live in such a way as to push people to be like Jesus and follow passionately after him. When I stand before Christ, I will not be held accountable for how many friends I had, how much money I gave to my church, or how many mission trips I went on.  The mistake I made in that relationship is still difficult to deal with. However, I believe that God allows it to be a constant reminder for me so that I never go make that same kind of mistake again.



Thank you for sharing this... I too have relationships that I didn't lead to Christ because I treated MY SAVIOR as a distant cousin...NOW I want to share with HIM with EVERYONE, no more wasted time.... I have the BEST NEWS ever...and can't keep it to my self...I have gone back to some of those past relationship, and let them see the difference JESUS has made in my life since I have been INTENTIONALLY living for HIM!!!