Letter to FaithPoint

Pic from Flickr by 3D King.

This past weekend, we had our second membership class. We hold this class so that people that are interested in our church may get to know us a little bit more. The class reviews the FaithPoint Membership Covenant and the FaithPoint Doctrinal Statement. We do this so that potential members may understand what to expect of the church, what the church expects of them as a member and a little about what the church believes.

In some churches, you can walk an aisle, sign a card and you are automatically a member of that church. We discourage this in our church because we want to show people who we are and what we believe before they make the decision of whether or not to become a member. It is the same mindset as you wanting to get to know people that are your potential friends before you invite them into your home.
In the membership class this past weekend, we had six people that are potential members. They reviewed the covenant and doctrinal statement. They took both documents home to review Scripture and pray over whether or not God is leading them to be a part of FaithPoint Community Church.
What can you do?
Pray for these potential members. Pray that they truly seek God as to where he will lead them.
Also, here are a few dates that you need to remember and/or put in your calendar:
April 8: Easter Sunday
We will meet for Easter Service at John and Nikki’s house at 10:30 am. Dress will be casual. Please pray for Mrs. Kristi and I as we drive back from our anniversary trip for Easter Service.
June 2: We will have our 1 year anniversary celebration at Sonny’s BBQ on Russell Parkway at 6:00 pm.
June 3: We will have our 1 year service preached by Pastor Daniel Blackshear.
June 4 This is the day that Luke is scheduled to be born.
June 5 This is the actual date of FaithPoint Community Church one year anniversary.
I look forward to what God is doing in and through FaithPoint Community Church.
Praying for you as God continues to mold and shape into the image of Christ.
Pastor Jimmy