Weekly Wrap Up 3/31

Regardless of what your week has been like, you can find joy in the fact that God is and always has been in control. You are the clay and God is the Potter. You could not possibly be in better hands.

Here is the Weekly Wrap Up for this week:

Matt Chandler to take over Acts 29 Network http://ow.ly/9XBfP

John Piper prepares to step down http://ow.ly/9XBru

Thou Shalt Offend Pharisees http://ow.ly/9XC7G

Christine Caine: Your Workplace Is Your Mission Field http://ow.ly/9XCAf

Mark Driscoll: 6 Preaching and Teaching Tips on Easter http://ow.ly/9XKHx

3 Important Habits for Building Influence That Matters  http://ow.ly/9XLma