Do you ever want to fight the system? Go too fast on the interstate? Tell your boss where to go? In your sin, your natural tendency is to rebel against authority. Our culture rebels for the wrong reasons. I believe God is looking for some rebels. In fact, I am sure of it.

When you look at the Bible, you have before you the life of prophets, apostles, Jesus, and the church. You are reading actual accounts of Christians that lived the life that Jesus called them to. In other words, if your life looks more like this world, than it does the Bible, you are not living the life Jesus has called you to.
So, then rises a question. How does one go about living this Christian life where your life looks more like the Bible and less like the world?
In a simple answer….Rebel.
Yes. You read correctly. Rebel. To have a life that truly looks like the Bible, you have to rebel against anything that does not look like the Bible. To have a life that truly looks like Jesus, you have to rebel against anything that does not look like Jesus.
Go ahead…Rebel.
  • Rebel against complacency
  • Rebel against selfishness
  • Rebel against pride
  • Rebel against apathy
  • Rebel against laziness
  • Rebel against becoming stagnant
  • Rebel against the slow death
  • Rebel against lust
  • Rebel against anger
  • Rebel against lies
You can challenge and engage culture. You can become an influencer. You do not have to be influenced by culture.
Rebels want to start a movement. Rebels want to challenge the system and create change.
It’s not easy.
It is uncomfortable.
Sometimes you will feel like you are alone.
But…you are never alone.
If you are a Christian, you are held firmly in the hand of Christ. No one or nothing can ever take you out of His hand. You have a mission and you walk in the authority of Jesus. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will give you the words that you need to say at the appropriate time.
You just need to act.
Get off the couch and put on your shoes.
Jesus called us to be his witnesses.
Jesus said that we are to be salt.
Jesus said that we are light to a dark world.
Jesus said that we are a city on a hill.
The need is great.
The message is urgent.
The time is NOW!
It is time to be the church.
It is time to engage our culture.
It is time to get to work.
It is time to rebel.