Why I Love My Wife

223107_2003859220036_556449_nToday my wife and I celebrate our ten year anniversary. Ten years is a marker.

It is a tipping point, a diving board, a launch pad. Ten years is just the beginning. I anticipate spending the next fifty years with her. I look forward to what God is going to do in our marriage, our family, and our church. I am so glad that she is the gift that God has given me. She is exactly who I needed and God knew that when he brought us together.

  • She is my best friend. – She is the only person I can share everything with. She knows everything about me and at the end of the day, still loves me.
  • She is my greatest encourager. – My wife is on my team. She is my greatest supporter in ministry. I am blessed beyond words to have a wife that prays for me. I would not be half the husband, father, or pastor I am now if she was not praying for me. The biggest decision I have ever made was stepping out into the unknown by faith, believing God that He wanted me to plant FaithPoint Community Church. My wife prayed for me. She is always with me following God wherever He leads us.
  • She is the gift that God has given me. – God had always known that I would be with my wife. He perfectly orchestrated the events in our lives that brought us together. She is the gift that I cherish and treasure.
  • She pushes me to be like Christ. – My wife wants me to be the man, husband, father, pastor that God has called me to be. She wants me to lead her like the Bible says for a husband to lead his wife. She will follow me to the degree that I follow Christ.

    Love is not a noun. It is not butterflies in your stomach. It is not purely emotional. You do not always feel love. You know it. Love is a verb. I know that my wife loves me because she tells me and because she does things that show her love for me.

    I have learned a great deal through what God has done in us and our marriage these first ten years. We have both matured and grown in the Lord. We have grown more in love with each other and with Jesus. I am both anticipating and excited to see what God has in store for us in the next ten years.
    I love you Kristi.
    Happy Anniversary.