The Father’s Presence

There are nights where a good night’s rest seems to evade my wife and me. Somewhere between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning, my little boy will wake up crying. There are times where we do pick him up and let him sleep in our bed. It takes him a little while to go back to sleep but eventually he will.

However, there is another way I deal with this too. It seems to be pretty effective. There are some nights where I will go into his room and let him know that I am there and that everything is going to be alright. I will either sit in a chair or lay down in the floor beside his bed and somehow he is comforted just knowing that I am in the room. Before long, he has gone right back to sleep. There is something comforting to a little boy when Daddy says, “I am here.” and “Everything is going to be alright.”
God does the same thing with us.
God calls us his children. He delights in us calling him Abba, that is a personal and intimate name that we translate into Daddy. It is perfectly fine for us to go to God as a little boy goes to his daddy. God listens to the needs and prayers of his children.
There are times when you know you have played the prodigal and run away from home. You feel like you have come to the end of your rope and you have exhausted all options. You realize that you can’t fix it yourself. So, at last, you do what you should have done in the first place…call out to the Father. Then a peace comes over you because you heard your Father say, “I am here.”
The Father picks up his child and wipes the tears from his eyes. The Father hugs his child and the boy knows that he is safe. The Father speaks in a confident, kind, loving voice. The Father loves that his child is now at home where he belongs.
It does not matter what you have done in the past. It does not matter what you did today. Your identity is not found in your past. Your identity is not found in what happens to you. You are not your degree. You are not your job. Your identity is made up of the very fabric of who Christ says that you are.
Because of Christ, God sees you as holy. You are a saint. God calls you his child.
Find peace in knowing that you are a child of the All Sovereign, Majestic, Almighty, Holy, Just, Heavenly Father.
You may feel like that you have strayed too far from the Father and you have put a lot of distance between him and you. However, the reality is this. If the Father truly calls you his child, then he always knows where you are.
You may think that you have roamed too far in chasing your own pursuits and pleasures but you will find out when the Father calls you back that there is no greater place to be then in the Father’s presence.