Beautiful Feet

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In Romans 10:15, the apostle Paul writes these words, “And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written: How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” ESV.

Paul is quoting from Isaiah 52:7. Consider where Paul is going with this: People who share the gospel have beautiful feet.
Paul is not talking about feet that have been washed and had a pedicure. Painted toenails have no place in the context of this verse.
If you read through the gospels and the Book of Acts, getting the gospel message out to those people that needed to hear it took work. There was resistance, opposition, and persecution. I submit to you that when Paul talks about beautiful feet, he does not mean pretty feet.
Beautiful feet are dirty feet.
Sharing the gospel and living your life to the full extent that God created you for requires work. It is most likely Paul wrote that the  feet were beautiful because they carried the person that was sharing the gospel of Jesus.
The reason beautiful feet are dirty feet is because you have to get off the couch and walk past the refrigerator. You have to go outside the house. You have to leave what is safe and comfortable. You have to leave what is easy. You have to go. You have to work. You will feel uncomfortable. You will be challenged. You will get dirty.
You can’t play with a dog for too long without getting dog hair on you or your hands smelling like the dog. You cannot step in mud and not get any on your shoes.
Sharing the gospel means going across the street but it also means going to parts of the world where other people are unwilling to go.
God has called everyone who claims to be a disciple of Christ to go.  Yes, there is risk involved.
You will risk being made fun of.
You will risk being ridiculed.
You will risk being rejected.
You will risk being persecuted.
You will risk being emotionally hurt.
You will risk feeling alone.
You will risk losing friends.
For the gospel to get from our churches to our communities, cities, states, country, and world…it is imperative that we become intentional with how we live. We are to be intentional in sharing the gospel. We are to be intentional with serving. We are to be intentional with conforming to the image of Christ.
You may never go to a country where the Bible is outlawed. You may never go to a country where you can be killed for saying you are a Christian. You may never go to a country where your life is threatened regularly.
So, what do you do?
Run. Run with the gospel. Talk to people often. Share your testimony often. Invite them to church. Serve people. Let other people pour into you so you may pour into others. Let other people push you to be conformed to the image of Christ so that you can push others to be conformed to the image of Christ.
The dirtier your feet, the more beautiful they become.
Rivera Douthit
Rivera Douthit

I've always loved that verse "beautiful are the feet..."