Weekly Wrap Up 4/21

Spring is here. Spring is symbolic of starting over, new life, new beginnings. What in your life is God birthing inside you? What new dreams and passions has He given you? What new work has He revealed to you that He wants you to accomplish?

I would love to read what you have to say. Hit up the comments.

Here is this week’s Weekly Wrap Up:

Alan Hirsch says that the Church has butchered Ephesians chapter four and the Church needs apostolic activation:

Jeff Vanderstelt explains why he is tired of hearing Christians say they want to be missional and why they should be incarnational:

The 20 year secret behind the movie October Baby. This is Shari Rigby’s Ransom Note:

Have a great week. May you hunger and thirst for righteousness. Find yourself tomorrow in a gospel centered church where you can worship our risen Savior.