A New Work

Pic from Flickr by HansKristian

Do you know a person that is always full of ideas? They seem to always want to write a book, start a business, film a documentary or start the next non-profit to save dolphins. They sound like good ideas but the person never takes them to the next level. They talk about ideas but their ideas never transfer to fruition in real life. Why?

I believe that most people do not like taking risks. Face it. To start anything new, you have to risk looking foolish. You have to risk being wrong. You have to risk upsetting a few people. You have to risk people telling you that it is not going to work or that you were not cut out for this sort of thing.
The naysayers could not be more wrong.
God is the Creator and he just sometimes puts an idea in you that he wants to birth in you to fruition. When you start something new, have that creative spark, begin to imagine how things could be different, action is required to take it to completion.
You cannot do it alone.
God perfectly designed for you the works that he wanted you to accomplish. That idea you have might just be God birthing something new in you.
When God births something in you:
  • Conception must take place – The idea, vision, dream, must take root deep inside you. It has to form in you. It has to become so attached to you that you believe the world needs your idea.
  • Continuity is involved – God will not start a work in you and then toss it to the side of the road like old garbage. He will continue to work in you and build upon that idea. He will show you the overall vision. He will show you what the dream will ultimately look like. However, he does not reveal to you exactly how you will get from point A to point B. He wants you to trust him. Faith is involved. God will show you the vision, you have to trust him to get you there.
  • Character is produced – God is not going to do a work through you without also doing a work in you. Everything that happens in your life, is to mold and shape you into the image of Christ and it is for God’s glory. It is not about you. Your dream, your idea, your vision is not about you. The minute you allow your pride to get in the way and you try to make it about your glory, do not be surprised if your dream is put on hold. God is more concerned with you being molded and shaped into the image of Jesus than he is with whether or not your idea ever sees fruition.
  • Completion will happen – Do not try to rush the process. What God has birthed in you, he will bring it to completion in his time. God does not operate on our schedule.
What new thing has God birthed in you?
What book are you supposed to write?
What video do you need to make?
What ministry or organization do you need to start?
What mission trip do you need to take?
Whatever the dream, idea, or vision, just remember that you cannot go about changing the world until God starts changing you.