Weekly Wrap Up 5/5

Discipline. Most people want to avoid this subject. Discipline is rarely fun and it is not easy. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called Going Cold Turkey. In my quest to quit soda, I am not quite there yet but I am getting closer than I was. Quitting soda is part of my plan to be off of blood pressure medicine before my birthday in October. I do believe this is an achievable goal. It is just going to take more discipline than I had originally thought.

Here is this week’s Weekly Wrap Up:

Junior Seau’s death by taking his own life is a sad story this week. http://ow.ly/aFSRk

This is a really cool story that proves a child is never too young to start learning. http://ow.ly/aFThc

9 Reasons Not to “Ask Jesus Into Your Heart” http://ow.ly/aFTMr

Mark Driscoll has written an extremely interesting article. Is Narrative Preaching Really Preaching? http://ow.ly/aFU5Q

If you serve as a volunteer in your church or you are a pastor, this is important. 10 Ways to Get Fired from Your Ministry http://ow.ly/aFUIC