God Changed My Dream by Changing Me Part 2

In 2010, my life took a turn and I have never looked back. God was doing work in me and I had no idea that it was even happening.

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My wife and I attended the Georgia State Evangelism Conference and during that conference I had the opportunity to speak to two different pastors who both asked me to consider church planting. The first thing that entered my mind…NO! I was against church planting. I had only heard the horror stories of church planting. To be honest, I was not really interested.
After the conference, I sat in the car and wept. I confessed to my wife that I had been crying out to God but it was like I could not hear him. Was I far from God? Not that I knew of. The next thing I know, I am in Atlanta sitting in a room full of potential church planters. I was slightly confused. We went around the table and introduced ourselves. I shared my story, and told them that I had no idea why I was there. Little did I know, God was preparing me for what he had prepared for me.
My thought process was to put church planting on the back burner. I continued to have phone interviews, email correspondence, face to face interviews. I even preached at a couple churches that had my resume. I thought I was doing well. It was just a matter of time until I got hired at a church.
Door after door closed. Resumes went out, responses not received. Follow up interviews did not happen. Frustration had started to make itself at home. This was eating at me. I did all the right things and nothing seemed to happen.
At the same time all of this is going on, I am part of a church planter network that regularly meets once a month. I was the only pastor in the network that had not planted a church. I did get insight, and learned from the experience of these men. I had been in the network for almost a year and….it happened!
The phone rang. An interview was scheduled. This was it! This was going to be the church that hired me.
The interview took place at a Mexican restaurant. That is a good place for an interview to happen. We talked about ministry and background, my son, how my wife and I met and how long we had been married. Then…here it comes…wait for it…
They asked what my ideas were for their church.
The gun was fully loaded. I was ready. I pulled the trigger and unloaded.
I talked about how because of their location, we were going to reach out to college students and professors, we would reach teenagers and families with small children. We would take the Great Commission seriously and we would see many people saved and the church would become a multi-ethnic church.
The interview team just stared at me…deer in the headlights stare.
Can you say…..Crash and burn?
We will finish the story tomorrow with Part 3.
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