God Changed My Dream by Changing Me Part 3

Why would any church not be interested in the Great Commission? Seriously. This was going through my mind after the last interview that I had. If you had been there, you would have known that it ended as well as it possibly could.

I knew immediately after the interview, there was another door to walk into. The door that had never closed. The door into church planting. I told my wife that we would just trust God and go in that direction.
It took over a year for me to finally realize that church planting was where God was taking me. It clicked. I started listening to Acts 29 podcasts. I begin to read books and online articles on church planting. My brain begin to download all that I could get information wise on the subject of church planting.
However, I had no plan when to launch a church.
While still serving as a college pastor, a friend came up to me and I will never forget what he said, “You talk a lot about faith. It is time for you to live that out and do what you are supposed to do.”
Yep. It felt like the Holy Spirit just punched me in the gut.
I talked to my wife.
SIDE NOTE: My wife is my greatest encourager and supporter. If it was not for her being my best friend and being alongside me in this adventure, I would be almost crazy. She keeps me grounded and pushes me not to lose focus on Jesus.
We set our date to plan our first service. We talked to people that we knew were growing Christians and people we trusted to pray for us and asked them to come alongside us and help be part of our core group.
The process begin.
I was convinced that there was not a church that existed within an hour of us that actually functioned the way that I wanted this church to function. So, I went to the book of Acts. It made sense that if we were going to plant a church, the perfect model would be the church that started in the Scriptures.
The date of our first service arrived. We did not have a place to meet. We met in my house. The first service of FaithPoint Community Church was in my house. I will never forget it. It is a marker of how our church began. On our first Sunday, we exceeded the comfortable capacity of my living room.
I shared this with some pastor friends and one of them talked with me and volunteered the building they meet in. He said that they meet in the building on Sunday mornings but do not use it on Sunday nights. We took the offer. We now share this building with the church that my friend pastors.
Our one year celebration is just around the corner. I am excited as this is another marker for us.
I look forward to where God is going to take us. Where He leads we will follow. After all, this church is not about it’s own glory. This church is not about the pastor. This church exists for the glory of God and to do the work that He gave us to accomplish.