All That Glitters is not Gold

Stories can have morals or be used to teach a lesson. Jesus was good at this. He was after all the Master storyteller. Stories are great because they

Pic from Flickr by Chris Parry

are passed down and retold for generations. The story may slightly change but the application remains the same.

I have a story for you. It goes like this:
Con artists (Not exactly how you thought the story would begin huh?) in order to make money came up with what they thought was an ingenious scam. They would take bronze rings and coat them in a gold coating to make them appear gold. The rings would shine and sparkle in the sunlight but they were not gold. These con artists would take advantage of unsuspecting people by selling them at a cheap price or walk into the street and drop the rings on the ground and someone would walk by and pick it up, thinking that they really had found a gold ring.
The ring would soon lose its shine. The sun would shine on it but it would appear dull instead of sparkle. People would wonder why the heck a green ring was appearing on their fingers. It was not long before people realized that they had been taken. Deceived. The rings were bronze. They were bronze the whole time. The rings never stopped being bronze. They were only given a coating to change their appearance. This made the people highly upset. They had been taken advantage of. They had been lied to. They had been scammed out of their well earned money.
There was nothing that they could do. They went searching for the con artists but they had already skipped town. The con artists had their money and they had a bronze ring.
Be aware of who you allow to influence you. Just because a man holds a Bible, wears a suit, and stands in the pulpit does not make him a true man of God. Too many people fall into a trap of believing what is deemed the “prosperity gospel.”
They are scam artists. Using God to get you to send them a $1000. They pride themselves in reading into the Scripture instead of communicating what the Scripture really says. A few of their big beliefs are:
  • If you are in God’s will then you will never suffer. You will not get sick. Nothing bad will happen to you.
  • God wants to bless you. If you are in God’s will, God wants you to have money.
  • God only has your best interests in mind. All of his promises and multiple blessings are waiting to come true for you.
  • You are a god. (Let’s really not go there.)
By taking Scripture out of context, these preachers can make the Bible say whatever they want to and you are none the wiser. This is why it is important that you intentionally study the Bible. It is a must for your own relationship to grow with God and so that you can sniff out wolves.
Look in Scripture and find a person that God used who did not suffer.
If all Christians are supposed to be blessed financially, then why was Jesus not rich? Peter? James? Paul? John?
This “gospel” only serves one person…you. The real gospel…the one that Jesus preached, the one that Paul preached, is not about you at all.
The prosperity gospel is garbage and their preachers are smoking nonsense.
The gospel in a sentence: Because you can’t. Jesus did.
You cannot on your own earn righteousness or salvation. Jesus had to die on the cross and raise from the dead to take the full wrath of God on himself for our sins. Then as a side note, he punched death in the face.
It is not about you. It never has been and it never will be. It is ALL ABOUT JESUS!