Pic from Flickr by C. Evans

The world is consumed with superheroes. If the box office is any indication, we are almost compelled to see any movie with Iron Man, Batman, Thor, Captain America or Spider-Man in it. It is no coincidence that The Avengers have made over $700 million and sits at the #9 movie of all time. These movies help promote these heroes and we will buy comic books, toys, t-shirts, and DVDs. However, there is a question that begs to be answered. What is it about superhero movies or superheroes in general that drive us to the theater or the comic book store?

It starts with one thing that everybody realizes. The world is broken. There is evil and chaos in the world and we are at a loss to stop it. Then somebody with a special calling on their life, picks up their shield, puts on their armor, puts on a mask and has taken it upon themselves to save the world. You can feel the tension. The enemy is as bad as the hero is good. The conflict builds and builds until confrontation is inevitable. Then the story climaxes with a super sized smackdown. Once again, the world has been saved from ultimate destruction.
Or has it?
Comic books and movies would lead you to believe that everything is right in the world but only until the next issue or the sequel comes out. As long as there are heroes, there will be bad guys. There will always be conflict and there will always be confrontation that leads to some awesome fight with the good guy winning even if he endures a few sucker punches. The good guy/bad guy conflict is what sells tickets, books, and shirts.
Notice something?
We all know that the world is broken and the best that superheroes can do is point us to something greater. We know Superman is not going to save girls from being sold into sex slavery. We know that The Avengers are not going to stop global terrorism. So what then is the point of superheroes?
Superheroes point us to the real hero…Jesus.
Jesus has already won. Have you read Revelation?
Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave. The tomb is empty.
Death is no longer able to hold you in a state of fear because Jesus conquered death.
You do not have to remain a slave to sin. Jesus, was tempted just as we are except He did not sin. When Jesus was on the cross, His blood killed sin. You do not have to serve sin. Through Jesus you can kill sin. Through Jesus you can flee from sin.
Jesus conquered hell. The devil thought that the cross was the end of Jesus. The message and the messenger had both been destroyed. The devil thought he had squashed the movement before it really started. Then…Jesus got up.
Jesus has won. We know the devil has been defeated. Sin no longer reigns in your mortal bodies. The same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you.
It is all because of Jesus that we can even live this life.
This life is lived in Christ through the Holy Spirit to the glory of God from the point of victory, not from struggle or defeat. If you are a disciple of Christ, you are on the side that wins.
The story is about Jesus.
Your life is about Jesus.
Jesus is the hero.
Live life on purpose.