The Power of Words

Sticks and stones may break your bones. True. However, so can words. When used carelessly or in a manner that intentionally hurts, attacks,

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defames, insults, abuses, or persecutes another person, words are damaging.

When you go to God in prayer, God hears your words. It is a wonderful thing to have parents pray for you.
When I was younger, we found out that I had a severe allergy to seafood. My family went out to dinner and the next thing I remember, I am in the hospital. I don’t remember the food, the conversation or the car ride to the hospital. I was unconscious. I vaguely remember the table in the hospital because it was cold. I don’t remember anything but what was related to me by my parents.
The doctors thought that I was going to die. My parents started praying.
Your words can have a dramatic effect on someone. Instead of using your words to be prideful, selfish, cutting, antagonistic, pessimistic, or dishonest, why not use your words to be friendly, encouraging, loving, truthful, Biblical.
Stay around people long enough and you will start to believe what they say to you and about you. What do their words say? Listen carefully.
Some people feel the need to make you into an exact copy of themselves. You have moved on but they continue to show up in your life. They do not encourage you, support you, or cheer in your corner. They only feel the need to correct and criticize. They are not the Holy Spirit. They are like a vine that can slowly choke the life out of you. If you need conviction, the Holy Spirit is perfectly capable of doing that by Himself. He does not need their help.

There are also people that try to speak on topics and subjects that they know nothing about just for the sake of having something to say. I consider myself a good reader. I like non-fiction books and I like comic books. Do not come up to me and start talking to me about Iron Man or the Hulk or Batman if you have no idea what you are talking about.

Don’t talk to a banker about finances if you cannot balance a checkbook. Proverbs 18:2 says, “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding but only in expressing his opinion.”
When it comes to sharing the gospel, talking about Jesus, or engaging someone in a Biblical conversation, the Holy Spirit will give you the words to say at the appropriate time. That is fantastic.
Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.”
Guard your words and use them carefully. Think before you speak.
Don’t go through life having people think that you are a fool. Choose wisely how you will speak. Speak with honor and respect. Speak in truth.
Confrontation, arguments, and debates do happen. Resolve the conflict as soon as possible. Forgiveness is better than remaining bitter.
Remember conforming to the image of Christ means that when it comes to our words and how we use them, we want to talk in a manner worthy of Christ.
Sometimes the best thing to do is not speak at all.
Rivera Douthit
Rivera Douthit

Agreed. Prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective. Our words definitely have power... we choose to either speak a blessing or curse.

Jimmy Proulx
Jimmy Proulx

I believe as followers of Jesus, we have a responsibility to speak as he would speak. That means choosing our words carefully.