Stop Looking for Excuses

Pic from Flickr by gerlos

Deep down in your spirit, you know that the Bible is truth. There is a part of you that is dying to scream out the words of Paul in Philippians 1:21, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” You know that Hebrews 10:25 tells us not to forsake the assembly of ourselves with other believers. You know that Jesus tells us to take up our cross daily, dying to your self, and follow him. Why then do you not look like the church in the Book of Acts?

It Is Easier To Make Excuses Than Be A Disciple
If you take the time to seriously consider the words of Jesus, the calling of a disciple is not for the weak, who can’t take ridicule, persecution, criticism. The calling of a disciple is not for people who are ready to throw in the towel and tap out the first time something does not go their way. The weak decide that they are not confrontational. So instead of picking up their sword and shield to engage the enemy, they lay aside prayer and leave their Bible on the coffee table and pick up the remote.
It is easier to give 10% then it is to give sacrificially. People that make excuses think that sacrifice is something for the special, superhero Christian. They don’t know what it means to give until you can feel the pinch. They also do not know what it means to love their wives like Christ loved the church.
People that make excuses think you have to be called to be a missionary. They think the Great Commission is for people that are going to the far regions of Africa and China. In reality, they do not want to hear that the Great Commission is not an option. Christ called us all to be missionaries regardless of where you live, work, and play.
People that make excuses think that Sunday is disconnected from the rest of the week. They will go to church and sing a few songs and listen to the pastor read the Bible and tell a good story and then they leave and go home to live life how they want because God is just for church on Sunday.
People that make excuses have given themselves up to mediocrity. Mediocrity is easy. Mediocrity does not require anything from you. Mediocrity is not challenging or convicting. However, mediocrity is also less than encouraging or inspiring.
People that make excuses think that the pastor is the only person that can read the Bible. Mediocrity will cause people not to pick up the Bible and study for themselves because that requires work and nobody really wants that.
People that make excuses believe that they can give money and then they don’t have to hear about VBS, mission trips, or service projects for another year.
People that make excuses will settle for ignorance. These people are fine remaining in what they do not know or understand. They are proud of their ignorance and they will celebrate it by resisting anything that may cause them to think differently. These people are not being transformed by the renewing of their mind, Romans 12:2.
These excuse makers do feel some sort of conviction because they will lash out and attack those who are living and serving Christ with their whole being. They know when they meet a real disciple because a real disciple’s life looks more like a life that has been regenerated by the Holy Spirit and conforming to the image of Jesus. These excuse makers tell real disciples that they have “too much Jesus” and that they “take the Bible too seriously.”
It Is Time To Stop Making Excuses

When Jesus gave the Great Commission, he meant you too. When he talked about dying to your self and taking up your cross, he meant you too. Nothing Jesus ever said was optional.
The excuses have to stop. Excuses lead nowhere except a life that is less than what Jesus intended for you. Excuses take you down a road that dead ends into a life of pathetic mediocrity. You do not have to live there.
Paul tells us in Romans that the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead now lives in you. This is fantastic! This is awesome! This is great news!
The Holy Spirit was sent to help lead and guide us. You don’t have to make excuses why you are not living the life Christ has given you because you have the Holy Spirit in you. It was not by accident that Jesus saved you. You have a purpose to serve God and glorify him in all that you do.
Live Your Life As A Sacrifice

Stop chasing the American Dream. Stop working for things that will turn to dust and pass away. Go hard for Christ. Live your life as a proclamation to Romans 1:16, you will be unashamed of the gospel of Christ.
Chasing after things that have no meaning, seeking your own glory, trusting in your own talent, trying to live apart from Jesus, all of that is wasteful.
Pursue Christ with your whole being. Realize that it is all about Jesus and Jesus is everything. Nothing on this earth will ever satisfy you, only Jesus.
Study Jesus. Love Jesus. Walk with Jesus. Start conforming to the image of Jesus. Follow Jesus.
Do that and two things will begin to happen.
1. You will begin to stop making excuses of why you are not following Christ.
2. You will start becoming a disciple.
Take risks.
Share your faith.
Talk about Jesus.
Take the mission trip.
Write the book.
Plant a church.
Be unashamed of your Lord and Savior, Jesus.
“The saying is trustworthy for: If we have died with him, we will also live with him; if we endure, we will also reign with him; if we deny him, he will deny us.” 2 Timothy 2:11-12.
What has Christ called you to that you need to stop making excuses for?